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Which types of tickets can I sell?

Which ticket formats are allowed on PasseTonBillet?

For security reasons, only original and unmodified e-tickets (in PDF format) are authorized for resale on PasseTonBillet.
Please download the tickets received in the original confirmation email. If you can't find it, contact the event organizer to obtain the ticket in PDF format.

Therefore, tickets in the following formats are not authorized on PasseTonBillet:
- Physical and hardback
- Ticket scan
- Modified PDF
- Screenshot
- Provisional, non-final ticket / against mark

How do I put my ticket on sale if I only have a screenshot or a paper version?

If you cannot find the ticket in PDF format in your email, contact the event organizer directly by email and ask them to send you the original ticket in PDF format.
Look for the confirmation email in your inbox, as it usually contains the original ticket in PDF format as an attachment.
If you have a Ticketmaster Go mobile ticket, you can find it in your Ticketmaster account. You can save it in PDF format.
If you have not yet received your ticket and you have a voucher, the event organizer may not issue the tickets until a later date. We recommend checking your email to see when these tickets are expected to be received.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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