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What are the fees to buy and sell tickets on PasseTonBillet

We charge service fees on sellers and buyers. The fees are different according to the themes of the site (Train, Parks, Sport...).

For the seller, the offer for sale of a ticket is 100% free. Fees are only generated when a ticket is sold.
The seller and buyer each pay a portion of the service fee.

As a seller, if you want the selling price displayed on your ticket listing to drop, you simply need to lower the selling price of your ticket.
If you notice a difference between the selling price you indicated in your advertisement and the price displayed on the ticket, it is normal, the difference is the amount of the service charges and transaction charges that we apply to the ticket.
As a reminder, this fees is essential to finance the creation, maintenance of the site as well as the work of the teams working on Passetonbillet.

Updated on: 17/12/2021

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