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How to sell a ticket on PasseTonBillet?

How to sell a ticket on PasseTonBillet and publication rules

✅ Click on resell a ticket at the top right of your screen --> if you don't have an account, you'll need to create one
✅ Then select the ticket category (concert, sports, train....)
✅ Select your event from our list or create an event if it doesn't exist yet
✅ Your ticket will be validated or rejected by our security protocol, which may take several hours.
✅ Once your ticket is on sale, you will receive a confirmation email
✅ Once your ad has been published, users will be able to buy and receive your e-ticket, without any validation on your part, even if your IBAN and ID are not validated

⛔ You agree not to sell your ticket on any platform other than PasseTonBillet
⛔ If you decide to use the ticket yourself, you must immediately remove it from PasseTonBillet

Where can I find my ticket's barcode number?

Your barcode number can be found on the PDF document you received when you purchased your ticket. We advise you to copy and paste it, as it's quicker and avoids mistakes.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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