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How do I modify and/or delete my ad?

In order to access this option, you must first log into your PasseTonBillet account.

Go to your profile in the "My tickets for sale" tab, then click on it.

Then you have the option to view, modify, delete and edit your active ads. In particular, you can modify the sale price of your ticket but also the description of your ad.

PasseTonBillet is a demanding platform that is committed to its users: the security and fluidity of transactions is our priority.

As explained in our General Conditions of Use and several times during the sales process, any sale of ticket is final.
Also, it is not possible for a seller to cancel a sale for obvious security reasons. After the transaction, the ticket(s) and confidential information are sent by email to the buyer and the amount is sent to the seller by transfer.

If you have already sold your ticket elsewhere (website or other), please warn the buyer of this other website that your ticket is ultimately already sold, because we will not be able to cancel the transaction.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules, your account may be banned from our website and you will no longer be able to use our platform either to sell or buy a ticket.
Before getting there, your trust score displayed on your profile during the sale will be strongly impacted and will dissuade users from transacting with you.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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