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When will I receive my money?

If this is the first time that you ar eselling a ticket on our platform, make sure to add your IBAN and ID on your profile, in 'My tickets for sale'. Otherwise, your payments will be pending until you do so.

On PasseTonBillet, for security reasons, payment for the ticket is sent to the seller several days after the transaction. During this time, the money is sequestered in a third-party account with our financial partner MangoPay and payment to the seller is made according to the deadlines presented below:

Payment for the ticket will be made on the following dates depending on the category of the ticket sold

Ticket categoryPayment date*
Concert / Festival48 hours after the Concert / Festival
Train24 hours after departure
Sports48 hours after the sporting event
Amusement park15 days after ticket transaction
Flights10 days after ticket transaction
Vouchers & Gift Cards7 days after ticket transaction

Payment date*: the payment date corresponds to the date on which the transfer is made to the seller, provided that their IBAN and identity are verified. It takes 2 to 4 business days to receive the funds in your bank account. On the day of the transfer, you will receive an email to inform you.

Why am I paid after the event?

To ensure the safety of our buyers, we want to make sure that your tickets are valid and that the buyers have not created any dispute against you before sending you their payment.

How do I track my payment date?

When you have sold a ticket, go to the 'My tickets for sale' tab in your profile and you will be able to view the upcoming payment date for your ticket.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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