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Where can I find my tickets?

If you want to view the ticket you purchased, it's very simple: go to your profile in the "My purchased tickets" tab. All purchased tickets can be found there. If they are not here, your purchase did not go through. Only this tab is used to indicate whether your purchase has been completed and whether your tickets are available.
In addition, an email is sent to you to inform you that the ticket has been purchased (note: on certain mailboxes, the email does not always arrive).

If you can't find your tickets, here may be the reason why:
Payment refused => your bank payment was not processed, 3D Secure refused the transaction
You are not on the correct PasseTonBillet account => make sure you are connected with the correct account. You may be using a different email address. It is strongly prohibited to create several different accounts on PasseTonBillet for a single person, this can create many problems.
Check spam => if you are sure you are using the right account and you still cannot find your ticket, remember to check your mailbox in spam. We send a confirmation email with your ticket.
I use an old email address => PasseTonBillet does not work well with the messaging services of Laposte, Wanadoo, Free...

Our system checks each ticket. Thus, the only way to put a ticket on sale is to use our automatic selling form by entering your name or email address linked to the reservation, as well as the reservation reference. It is impossible to put a ticket on sale manually on PasseTonBillet.

If we cannot find your ticket, it is very likely that you entered the wrong information, please check and try again.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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