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What does PasseTonBillet do to secure the purchase and sale of tickets between individuals?

PasseTonBillet uses different technological processes to provide maximum security for your transactions and make the resale of tickets as safe as possible.

We verify buyer and seller profiles

All sellers are required to provide us with their following personal information which is verified by our partners:
E-mail address
Bank account (IBAN)
Telephone number

We also display a trust score on the user's profile, with the number of tickets purchased and sold on our site.
These measures help deter dishonest resellers from using our site.
Dishonest buyers and sellers have understood this and have deserted our site to go to insecure platforms like Facebook, Leboncoin, or other sites which have no control over the resale of tickets, nor over the amount of the sale price.

We check tickets

As soon as an electronic ticket is uploaded to our site, we verify and scan the ticket with our computer protocol. We check the information on the tickets (price, date, location, etc.) and in particular the barcodes to avoid duplicate sales. If a seller were to (accidentally) put the same ticket online a second time, the ad is refused. However, we cannot verify whether the post is published by the seller on another platform.

Payment to seller is sent after the event

Sellers are systematically paid after the event, so that we can ensure that everything went well on the day and reimburse the buyer in the event of a problem.

The buyer has the possibility of opening a dispute in the event of a problem with access control

Despite all our control procedures, we are not infallible. PasseTonBillet strives to secure transactions as much as possible but does not guarantee that a ticket purchased through the platform is always valid and always gives access to the event.
Indeed, if it happens that a ticket does not pass access control on the day of the event, the buyer can easily open a dispute from their customer area and request a refund with supporting documentation. After verification by our services, the buyer will be refunded for their purchase and the seller will be permanently banned from PasseTonBillet. ---> How to open a dispute .

Someone else's name is on my ticket, will this be a problem?

For Concerts, Shows, Amusement Parks and Sports tickets

It is possible that the name of the original seller still appears on the ticket you purchased on PasseTonBillet. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the name on a ticket for all events. However, you will be able to access the event with this ticket even if the name displayed on the ticket does not match your name.

In addition, with our security system, a malicious seller has no interest in using PasseTonBillet to resell a ticket several times;
- You can open a dispute and request a refund
- It will not be paid because the money is blocked until the event
- His account will be permanently banned from PasseTonBillet
- We have all their contact details (name, bank account, ID, etc.) and we report the fraud to the authorities and event organizers

For Train tickets
Train tickets are nominative, but in the majority of cases, the name written on the ticket is not verified by the carrier at the time of control. Which explains why many people buy and resell Eurostar© train tickets, OUIGO©... on the Internet.

For plane tickets
Yes, a plane ticket is nominative: the passenger's name is written on the ticket with their contact details. If you buy a plane ticket, it is mandatory to change the name on the ticket. Generally speaking, we observe that the so-called "low cost" airlines almost allow the modification of the traveler's name on the ticket, although this is chargeable, while this is not the case for the high-end airlines ( Air France, American Airlines...).

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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