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How to buy a ticket?

Purchasing a ticket is done in just a few clicks:

Choose the ticket of your choice and click "Buy"
If you do not yet have a PasseTonBillet account, you must create one
If you have a PasseTonBillet account, you must log in

Attention: for reasons of security and fluidity of transactions, it is not possible to contact the seller, nor to negotiate before having purchased the ticket.

To view the purchased ticket, go to your profile in the “My purchased tickets” tab

All purchased tickets can be found here
If they are not here, your purchase did not go through
Only this tab is used to indicate whether your purchase has been completed and whether your tickets are available

If you can't find your tickets, here are the main possible reasons:
Payment refused => your bank payment was not processed, 3D Secure refused the transaction.
You are not on the correct PasseTonBillet account => make sure you are connected with the correct account. You may be using a different email address. It is strongly prohibited to create several different accounts on PasseTonBillet for a single person, this can create many problems.
Check spam => if you are sure you are using the right account and you still cannot find your ticket, remember to check your mailbox in spam. We send a confirmation email with your ticket.
I use an old messaging service => PasseTonBillet does not work well with the messaging services Laposte, Wanadoo, Free...

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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