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Terms and condition


NITO, is a simplified joint stock company with share capital of €27,500, whose head office is located at 15 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92200 Neuilly Sur Seine, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 513 007 880.

The contact email address is: contact(at)
Attention: there is no point in contacting us at this email address for questions about transactions on the site, contact us only on chat here:

The publisher grants the user the right to consult the site (and associated subdomains) for strictly personal and private use. Any reproduction, redistribution or total or partial commercialization of the content is prohibited.


The Site is hosted by Amazon Web Services Inc., located 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, USA - (telephone: 001 206 266 7010)


Below you will find the contracts that apply to the use of the website (and all its subdomains).
The fact of accessing, browsing the website or subscribing to PasseTonBillet services constitutes, on the part of the user, unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions of Use/Terms and Conditions.
You declare below to enter into a direct contractual relationship with NITO.


General Conditions of Use/Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the General Conditions of Use is to define the terms and conditions under which Users use the PasseTonBillet Services and its various functionalities and in particular to define the conditions of use of the Services. These General Conditions of Use apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. These General Conditions of Use are accessible at any time on the website and will prevail, where applicable, over any other version or any other contradictory document. The User declares to have read these General Conditions of Use and to have accepted them by checking the box provided for this purpose when using one of the Services

When using the platform, you enter into a contract with the company NITO (hereinafter referred to as the “Ticket Agreement”), as a “User”.
The provisions following the heading “Ticket Agreement” do not apply to the company NITO, which reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Use governing the platform.
By using the services offered on the PasseTonBillet platform, you agree to comply with the most recent version of these terms governing said platform. You are required to consent to any changes to the agreement for that platform when using it.

Platform Service

Through its online digital platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”), PasseTonBillet is a platform aimed at connecting sellers and Individual buyers, with a view to the resale of Tickets, within the limit of their face value (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform Service”).

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Platform Agreement is established by NITO. (“PasseTonBillet”),

simplified joint stock company with share capital of €27,500, whose head office is located at 15 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92 200 Neuilly Sur Seine, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 513 007 880.

This contract, including the General Conditions of Use of the site, is governed and interpreted exclusively according to French and European law. Any dispute arising from this contract or linked to its execution will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.


You can use the Platform Service by logging in and registering through your email address or your Facebook and Gmail Connect account. You are required to scrupulously enter all your personal details and only use one PasseTonBillet account.
Any user must be at least 18 years old to resell a ticket on PasseTonBillet.


NITO ensures the protection of your personal data under the Data Protection Act (Wbp) and the General Data Protection Directive (AVG). The PasseTonBillet company will only use the confidential contact details that you have indicated to it in order to allow access to the Platform service and to communicate with you on this subject. If you would like more information, please view our Privacy Policy on our website.

Strictly personal use

The service offered on the PasseTonBillet Platform is reserved for strictly personal use. Scripts, (partially) automated software or any other means of obtaining priority on purchases are prohibited. Otherwise, these practices will result in the (permanent) blocking of the User.


The company NITO cannot be held responsible for damage caused as a result of having used the service offered on its Platform or the Platform. Although the company NITO, with a view to its proper functioning, takes all necessary measures to ensure that its Platform is secure, it cannot under any circumstances guarantee that the service offered on the Platform or that the content thereof these may be free from any malfunction or inaccuracy. The company NITO declines all responsibility for the consequences, where applicable, of any failures in the service offered on the Platform. The company NITO is authorized, without having to give notice, to suspend (temporarily), limit the use or interrupt the service offered on its Platform, without having to specify the reason and without being required to compensate the User for any resulting damages.


NITO is not responsible for any damage you may suffer resulting from your use of the Platform service or the Platform, such as losses incurred by the Buyer or Seller following the modification of an event, unless this damage occurred intentionally, as a result of gross negligence or willful recklessness.

PasseTonBillet is a third party to the sales contract concluded between the buyer and the seller and cannot be held responsible in particular for:

- The content of the advertisements posted online on the website by the sellers,
- The absence of conclusions of a sale,
- Failure to deliver the ordered Ticket,
- Any anomalies of the customer's computer equipment
- Unforeseeable and insurmountable facts of a third party to the contract
- The unavailability of the Internet network
- The non-compliance of the Ticket with the description given by the seller in the advertisement posted online on the website,
- The fact that the seller is not the legitimate owner of the ticket which is the subject of the advertisement

The User guarantees and indemnifies the company NITO against any damage suffered and against any liability action which may be brought against him on the basis of the violation of these General Conditions of Use and/or any right of a third party. .
In the case of serious fraud (concealment, falsification, etc.), NITO authorizes itself to communicate all the necessary information to the competent organizations responsible for repressing said fraud and offenses.

Risks purchasing tickets

Purchasing an electronic ticket is not without risk. PasseTonBillet strives to conclude only secure and successful sales but does not guarantee that a ticket purchased through the platform is always valid and always gives access to the event.

Role of PasseTonBillet

The PasseTonBillet site is a communication and information exchange platform made available to individuals on the internet in order to enable the conclusion of a sales contract occurring directly between a seller and a buyer, under the suspensive condition of availability of the ticket, object of the sale.

PasseTonBillet acts as ad host. The fact that the titles and presentation of the ads are automatically formatted does not require any intervention in the writing of the ad. PasseTonBillet cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the content or the lack of veracity of the information inserted in the advertisements published on the site to the extent that these advertisements are written by Users under their sole responsibility. The site cannot be sued over the very content of the exchanges, nor over the possible follow-up given to them, in any form whatsoever.

PasseTonBillet does not sell tickets and does not at any time take possession of the tickets offered by the sellers. Sales contracts concluded through the website are therefore concluded directly between the buyer and the seller.
PasseTonBillet cannot under any circumstances be considered as a seller of tickets, and incur any liability in this capacity.

PasseTonBillet in no way guarantees that Users have the legal status or capacity to act, nor more generally the accuracy of the information communicated by Users, who act in their sole name and under their sole responsibility.

Payment service

Payment services for the User officiating on PasseTonBillet are provided by MangoPay and subject to the MangoPay payment services framework contract, which includes the MangoPay Terms of Service. By agreeing to this Billets Agreement or by continuing to operate as a User of PasseTonBillet, you agree to be bound by the MangoPay General Conditions of Use, which may occasionally be subject to modification by MangoPay. Therefore, you agree to provide PasseTonBillet with accurate and complete information about you and your activity. Also, you authorize PasseTonBillet to share this information as well as that concerning transactions carried out via the payment solution provided by MangoPay.

Improper use

You declare that you will not enter information, data or content through the platform that is contrary to the law or legislation in force. Furthermore, you declare that you do not:

Purport to establish unauthorized relationships with a natural person or entity;
Want to forcibly enter the secure and protected parts of the site;
Intend to transmit viruses, spam, spam, chain emails, unsolicited promotional or advertising materials of any nature whatsoever;
Intend to examine, scan or test the vulnerability of the Platform or any other system or network linked to it, or to act in such a way as to circumvent our security measures or authentication;
Use scripts, (partially) automated programs or any other methods to gain priority over purchases.

If the company NITO should have doubts about compliance with these obligations, the company has the right to refuse you (permanently) access to the Platform and its services, with immediate effect.

In the event of non-compliance with our rules, we reserve the right to retain the User's data and information in our archives, for subsequent consultations even after any dispute has been resolved. This means that if the User violates the General Conditions of Use of PasseTonBillet, the right to retain the User's data prevails over data protection laws, which grant the right to request the deletion of all data of the User of our database.

Illicit content

Any person wishing to bring to the attention of NITO the presence of illicit information or content may inform the latter by sending a detailed letter to the company NITO, whose head office is located at 15 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92 200 Neuilly Sur Seine.

In accordance with the terms of article 6-I-5 of law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, said notification must mention all of the following information:
- The date of the notification,
- The identity of the notifier: their last name, first name, profession, domicile, nationality, date and place of birth,
- The name and address of the recipient,
- The description of the disputed facts and their precise location (e.g. URL link of the disputed advertisement),
- The reasons why the content must be removed, including the mention of legal provisions and factual justifications,
- A copy of the correspondence addressed to the author or publisher of the contentious information or activities requesting their interruption, withdrawal or modification, or justification for the fact that the author or publisher could not be contacted .

Furthermore, in application of the provisions of article 6-I-7 of the law of June 21, 2004, PasseTonBillet provides users with an easily accessible and visible device allowing any person to bring to their attention illegal data relating to in defense of crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred and child pornography, incitement to violence and attacks on human dignity by sending a detailed letter to the above-mentioned address.


When you resell an electronic ticket on the platform, or buy a ticket from a third party, a contract is established between you (in your capacity as User) and PasseTonBillet. The specific legal entity with which you enter into contact regarding e-ticket(s) depends on the location of the event from which the e-ticket(s) was issued. PasseTonBillet reserves the right to modify said contact relating to electronic ticket(s).


Download tickets

In your capacity as seller, you are authorized to offer an electronic ticket for sale on the platform, by downloading a file reproducing said electronic ticket. This file must be the original digital version, transmitted by the supplier of the electronic ticket, and the seller must have received prior authorization to resell it. Scanned electronic tickets, personalized or edited photos or files are strictly prohibited. The seller is, at any time, entitled to withdraw his offer, provided that the electronic ticket has not already been reserved or sold. In order to dispel any doubt in this matter, once the electronic ticket is reserved for purchase by the buyer, the Seller undertakes to sell it to the Buyer. Once the buyer has made payment, a definitive contract is automatically concluded between the qeller and the buyer, without prior approval from the qeller.

Description of the electronic ticket

The qeller must provide information relating to said electronic ticket as exhaustively as possible. This information must include at least the name of the event and its sale price. Also, the seller undertakes to provide information relating to the electronic ticket (type of tickets, precise entry times, child ticket, disabled access, membership card required, etc.).
If these are electronic tickets assigning a seat number, it is recommended to specify the numbers in the description of the advertisement. PasseTonBillet reserves the right to modify the information appearing on the electronic ticket announcement, if it is not correct or does not reflect the information entered on the original electronic ticket.

Obligation of the Seller

The seller decides the selling price of each electronic ticket that it offers on the platform, provided that this price does not exceed the original selling price of said electronic ticket (excluding service costs). In some countries there are restrictions (maximum price) on the offer and resale of electronic tickets. The seller must comply with any local legislation.

On the passeTonBillet site, any seller irrevocably undertakes, and as an essential condition of these General Conditions of Use:
- To copy exactly the face value of the ticket put on sale, or failing that the original value of the ticket, understood as the price set by its issuer, in the field reserved for the purchase price;
- To deliver a Ticket conforming to the detailed description of the advertisement published on the wbesite and free from defects preventing its normal and peaceful use, otherwise it incurs civil and criminal liability;
- Not to put on sale tickets prohibited for resale, falsified, diverted or stolen;
- Generally speaking, not to offer a ticket for sale at a price higher than its face value.

Any seller declares, certifies and guarantees that it complies with all legal obligations, including contractual ones, which apply to it, and in particular that its use of the Site does not infringe any legal or regulatory provision or any contractual stipulation. The seller remains solely responsible for a failure to fulfill one of its legal or contractual obligations.

Service and transaction fees for the seller

For each ticket for which a purchase is concluded, the seller owes NITO an amount ranging from 5% to 15% of the resale price, this percentage varies depending on the category of tickets sold (train, voucher, amusement park, sports, shows, etc.) and with a minimum of €3 per ticket.
These fees are intended to cover the costs of developing, operating, hosting, maintaining and providing customer support for PasseTonBillet.
By entering into this ticket contract, the seller instructs MangoPay to deduct this amount from the sales price received and transfer it to PasseTonBillet.

Delivery of electronic tickets

After purchase, the electronic ticket can be downloaded directly from the Platform in the My Announcements section. Also, PasseTonBillet sends said electronic ticket by email in the form of a link to a file in PDF format. From then on, a definitive contract between the seller and the buyer is established.

Cancellation of purchase and right of withdrawal

tickets purchased on PasseTonBillet are neither exchangeable nor refundable. All purchases are final.
Also, during sales made from individual to individual, the right of withdrawal does not apply.

Electronic tickets resold

The seller receives an email when the sale is made, and the resold electronic ticket is automatically removed from the platform. From then on, the seller undertakes to destroy any copy of the resold electronic ticket and not to resell it on another platform.

Payment to Seller

On PasseTonBillet, for security reasons, payment for the ticket is sent to the seller several days after the transaction. During this time, the money is sequestered in a third-party account with our financial partner MangoPay.

Payment for the ticket will be made on the following dates depending on the category of the ticket sold:

Post categoryPayment date*
Concert / Festival48 hours after the Concert / Festival
Train24 hours after departure
Sports48 hours after the sporting event
Amusement park15 days after ticket transaction
Plane10 days after ticket transaction
Voucher & Gift Cards8 days after ticket transaction

_Payment date: the payment date corresponds to the date on which the transfer is made to the seller, provided that his IBAN and identity are verified. It takes 2 to 4 business days to receive the funds in your bank account. On the day of the transfer, you will receive an email to inform you.

PasseTonBillet cannot be held responsible, under any circumstances, for payment delays.

After the buyer opens a dispute, for an invalid e-ticket or in case of (suspected) fraud or canceled event, Payment to the Seller is suspended until the situation is clarified. If PasseTonBillet considers it legitimate to do so, PasseTonBillet may ask MangoPay to cancel the payment.

Compliance with EU legislation: Under EU legislation, PasseTonBillet is required to go through the “Know your customer” (“KYC”) procedure for Sellers on the PasseTonBillet Platform. These KYC procedures are carried out by our payment provider Mangopay and are subject to privacy policies. Payment providers cross-reference your information with their own and public databases to detect suspicious behavior. Following this analysis, you may be asked to provide them with additional identification documents. These must be original copies of your identification documents and cannot be altered (e.g. watermark). Identification documents are deleted by payment providers after verification.

Cancellation of sale

PasseTonBillet has an interest in the proper execution of the contract between the buyer and the seller. The purchase contract also includes an irrevocable clause with a third party for the benefit of PasseTonBillet, allowing it to demand compliance with the contract, to terminate the purchase contract or to render it null and void, if the buyer or seller has not fulfilled the conditions set out in said ticket agreement.

All transactions are irrevocable

All sales are irrevocable. Once the order has been validated, no refund, cancellation or exchange will be possible.
Any ticket purchase is final and cannot be canceled or exchanged once the sale has been concluded.

In accordance with article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code which provides, in essence, that the provisions of articles L.121-20-1 concerning in particular the right of withdrawal, are not applicable to contracts having for object the provision of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services - including ticketing for shows - which must be provided on a specific date or at a specific frequency.

Service and transaction fees for the buyer

The buyer of an electronic ticket can pay online via the payment methods offered by MangoPay. Transaction fees for the purchase of a ticket equivalent to between 10% and 20% of the Sale Price, depending on the category of the ticket (train, voucher, amusement park, sports, shows, etc.) and of the ticket amount and with a minimum of €3 per ticket. These fees are intended to cover the costs of developing, operating, hosting, maintaining and providing customer support for PasseTonBillet.

Changes or cancellation of the event

The buyer undertakes to keep himself informed about the event for which he is purchasing an electronic ticket, they must check for themselves whether the event is postponed, canceled or modified in any other way. In such situations, if the Buyer no longer wants his ticket, he can decide to sell it himself on the platform. PasseTonBillet is not responsible for any price difference caused by this event.

Buyer compensation for charges
PasseTonBillet is not responsible for any damage affecting PasseTonBillet users following changes or cancellation of an event.
If an event is postponed to another date or time and/or if the location of the event has changed, the seller and PasseTonBillet are not required to compensate the Buyer for personal costs generated by this situation. .

Refund if canceled
In the event of total cancellation of an event (train, concert, etc.), the buyer is entitled to request a refund of the ticket he purchased. To do this, the buyer must open a dispute procedure described below.

Invalid tickets and creation of a dispute

In the event of a problem with an electronic ticket purchased on our platform, the buyer has the option of reporting an invalid purchase by creating a dispute.

Deadline for creating a dispute:

You must absolutely respect the deadlines indicated below:

Post categoryDeadline for creation of a dispute by the buyer
TrainUp to 24 hours after train departure
Concert / FestivalUp to 48 hours after the event date
SportsUntil 24 hours after the event date
Amusement parkUp to 15 days after the ticket transaction date
PlaneUp to 10 days after the ticket transaction date
VoucherUp to 7 days after the ticket transaction date

During the examination of the dispute, PasseTonBillet blocks the transaction while the analysis takes place.
Beyond the periods indicated in the table above, PasseTonBillet will not process any dispute requests.

Only disputes opened by the Buyer directly from their user profile on the Site will be taken into account and processed by PasseTonBillet. Sending an email, using chat, or any other means of communication will not be considered the opening of a dispute.

Upon receipt of the dispute, PasseTonBillet will endeavor to examine the dispute between the buyer and the seller of the ticket, using the information and technologies at its disposal.
During the examination of the dispute, PasseTonBillet blocks the transaction while the analysis takes place.

Based on these investigations, PasseTonBillet may render one of the following two decisions in order to resolve the dispute:

Decision (1): dispute won

The transaction is canceled, the buyer is refunded and the seller is not paid for the sale of his ticket.
After investigation, PasseTonBillet decides that it is the responsibility of the seller and not the buyer if the transaction is not compliant.
Any additional costs linked to the invalidity of the transaction (repurchase of a new ticket, other expenses, etc.) will be the responsibility of the buyer.
The seller will be responsible for the risks linked to the use of the information (PDF e-ticket, etc.) transmitted to the buyer at the time of the transaction.

Service fees are reimbursed to the buyer, but not transaction fees which are not reimbursed to the buyer in the event of a dispute won.

Decision (2): dispute lost

The transaction is maintained, the buyer is not reimbursed for his purchase and the seller is paid for the sale of his ticket.
After investigation, PasseTonBillet decides that the transaction is indeed valid, that the problem reported by the buyer is not the responsibility of the seller and that the advertisement is in compliance with the Site's T&Cs.
Any additional costs linked to the invalidity of the transaction (repurchase of a new ticket, other expenses, etc.) will be the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer and the seller will be informed by email of PasseTonBillet's decision and will be required to respect the decision, without being able to contest it.
PasseTonBillet is not obliged to justify the reasons which motivated its decision to the buyer and/or the seller.

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