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ID checks are performed automatically and independently by our payment partner MangoPay. In order for an identity document to be accepted, it must be valid and the personal information must correspond exactly to the information in your Passetonbillet account.

Here are the accepted pieces of identification in PDF format:
National identity card (front and back on the same file)
Driver's license (front and back on the same file)

Information from your PasseTonBillet account which must correspond exactly to that of your identity document:
Name (spaces and hyphens included)
First name
Date of Birth
You can modify this information in 'My Profile'

Other standard errors:
The file is not in PDF format.
You do not use your full name on Passetonbillet, please make the modification and try again.
The file is a photo, it must imperatively be a scan in good quality and clearly visible.
The ID is cropped on the scan, make sure all the elements are fully legible.
The expiration date of the identity document has passed
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