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Can I buy or sell a SNCF InOui ticket?

Since September 27, 2018, SNCF only sell nominative e-tickets (PDF). They are therefore non-transferable in theory.
However, it is possible to sell SNCF nominative e-tickets on PasseTonBillet, because we have seen that checks on travelers' identities are in fact extremely rare.
In the event of a problem PasseTonBillet cannot be held responsible and the buyer must assume the risk of having to buy a new ticket.

In most cases, tickets are scanned automatically at the gates before entering the train and not on the train
During gate checks, it has been found that only tickets are checked and, exceptionally, the traveler's identity document due to lack of time. However, during a check in the train which may arrive, if there is a reduction card associated with the ticket, the controller will ask for the reduction card and the identity document.

Updated on: 06/03/2020

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