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Questions about Disneyland tickets

Question 1: When can I resell a Disney ticket?

For security reasons, only e-tickets in PDF format are authorized for resale on PasseTonBillet.
Regarding Disney tickets, they are issued in PDF format and can be registered on the Disney platform within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

Question 2: Is the visitor's identity checked on Disney tickets when passing through the gates?

At the entrance to the parks, a systematic check of tickets is carried out. According to feedback from many visitors, only the ticket is checked.

It is rare that the visitor's identity document is also checked to see if their identity matches the name indicated on the ticket.
For these reasons, the names on Disney tickets resold between individuals are not systematically changed.

You should still be aware that in the event of a visitor's identity check, if you have not changed the name on the ticket, the buyer may be refused access to the parks. This is one of the risks that the buyer must take into account with second-hand tickets. The uyer cannot request a refund from the Ticket Seller and PasseTonBillet, as an intermediary, cannot be held responsible.
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Updated on: 10/05/2024

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