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The new PasseTonBillet is finally here 🎉

Enjoy secure ticket transactions 🎉

Leader on the resale of second-hand tickets for 10 years, PasseTonBillet is proud to announce the launch of a secure transaction system. With this system, buying or reselling a second-hand ticket takes 30 seconds and becomes risk-free!
Everything becomes simpler, online payment of tickets and receipt of e-tickets by email but above all it is the end of scam attempts.

How does it work?

Choose the ticket that you want you and click on Buy
Choose a payment card and pay for the ticket
Receive your ticket immediately, it's that simple!

What does it change as a seller?

This new system makes your life so much easier. Indeed, you only have to put your ticket on sale and add the e-ticket in PDF format on Passetonbillet and that's it! We will contact you as soon as your ticket is sold. We will send the payment to your account directly as soon as the trip is made.

What does it change as a buyer?

No more scams! In fact, buyers' payment is blocked until the train departs. Thus, if you encounter the slightest problem with the ticket purchased, you will be reimbursed after study of your case by our team in charge of disputes. It is very easy for us to identify attempted scams.

How is this new version of Passetonbillet more secure?

Our new version eliminates any risk of fraud for either sellers or buyers. We have grouped the different types of fraud and we will explain how we can now counter them:

The buyer did not always receive the seller's ticket after paying for it
Now we send the seller's ticket to you instantly after paying for it on the platform. In addition, our online payment platform is 100% secure and much faster than the old solutions.
The buyer received a ticket but it did not work
When you buy a ticket, we block your payment up to 24 hours after the departure of your train. Thus, you have 24 hours to create a dispute against a seller if the ticket didn't work. If the seller is at fault, you will then be reimbursed on the card used after studying your case by our team in charge of disputes. We also strengthen security on the profiles on the site, so it is very easy for us to identify who is behind the attempted scam the seller or the buyer.
The seller received a false payment from the buyer and sent his ticket
There have been instances of malicious buyers sending false proofs of payment to sellers and asking sellers to send the ticket. However, money never reached the sellers' accounts and they lost their tickets. This will no longer happen since all payments are now made on our secure transaction platform.

Updated on: 10/10/2020

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